Making Deeper Contact with Life

Full Course (16 Lessons PLUS extras):

Embracing both sides of your existence — pleasure and pain, health and illness, ease and suffering, and life and death – means truly befriending yourself and others. This deep acceptance creates an opening to both love and truth in all conditions. Making Deeper Contact with Life will challenge you to explore life’s major themes of life/death, joy/pain, and darkness/light and awaken to a new consciousness.

This four-part course (consisting of 16 classes) offers a new way of perceiving and encountering your existence – to refuse nothing and to learn from everything. The course is guaranteed to change your mind about everything.

Suitable for personal skills development, life coaches, executive coaches, and therapists for expanding awareness and insight about both contractive and expansive dimensions of our lives and relationships.

Course Includes:
Real Dialogue Skill Booklets ($45 value)
Guided Meditations ($6 value)
Pay Attention Interviews ($44.95 value)

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Course Includes

  • 17 Lessons