A Gathering of Fireflies: A Monthly Haiku Circle


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At 17 syllables, haiku are the shortest poems in world literature. But what other form of poetry expresses our connection to Nature as fully as haiku? Haiku are tiny poems with BIG messages—as big as the planet itself!

Rowe hosts a Monthly Haiku Circle with master poet Clark Strand. The hour will begin with an essential teaching on the art of haiku, following which participants are invited to share their own 17-syllable poems on the seasonal theme for that month. Clark will comment on selected poems, explaining what makes them successful as haiku. The hour closes with a discussion of the seasonal theme for the next month, with examples of famous haiku that have been written on it.

For October’s Haiku Circle, the theme is “Jack-o-Lanterns” or “Pumpkins”. Arrive at our online gathering with up to five haiku written in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively, each of which includes a reference to “Jack-o-Lanterns” or “Pumpkins”.