Exploring and Drawing Sacred Geometry of the Natural World: A Five Part Online Course

With George Leoniak

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Author : Registrar Rowe

Check out the free recording of George Leoniak’s introduction to this program, The Flower of Life Blossoming in This New Era: A Free Introduction to Sacred Geometry, and his article, Tracking the Wilds of Geometry.

Join George for this magical mystery tour to discover nature’s hidden patterns and what they can mean for your life.

After many years of tracking animals in the forest, learning the ways animals lived, George began to see not only footprints in the snow, but patterns in the natural world that overlap and repeat. As he delved deeper into these patterns, he began to see them everywhere and this pattern language took on a deeper level of significance, offering a unified view of wholeness, a sacred geometry whose underlying templates can be found in all levels of creation — atomic, biological, planetary, and even universal. To sit in a quiet, contemplative state and draw one of these patterns can lead not only to a closer observation of the pattern but a window into the nature of reality, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

In this five part online course, George will introduce you to the basic patterns of Sacred Geometry. These images have been explored and interpreted since ancient times around the world and are found in art and architecture throughout the world. You will explore the meaning of some of the most iconic images from artistic, scientific, and cultural perspectives and George will introduce you to new patterns of Sacred Geometry that are evolving today. Once you start looking for these patterns and begin to draw them you’ll see them everywhere, and in this course you won’t just sit in front of a computer. You will step into the natural world where you live–be it a forest, a park, a lawn–to find and study these patterns and meditate on their significance, alone, together, and with George. By the end of this course, you will never look at the world the same.

Participants will need these materials for drawings:

A ruler

A compass for drawing circles that locks and will not change radius

Mechanical pencil


Session 1

Welcome and Introductions

Presentation: What is Sacred Geometry? Why is it called Sacred?

Drawing: The Vesica Piscis: Where it all Begins

Group discussion

Session 2

Presentation: The Golden Proportion: Where is it found in Nature? Let’s go Look

Drawing: Seed of Life with Golden Ratio Circles

Contemplative outside time (optional observation activity)

Group discussion

Session 3

Presentation: The 5 Platonic solids, the Building Blocks of Creation. A look at Crystals and Quasicrystals

Drawing: The nested platonic solids in the Seed of Life.

Contemplative outside time (optional observation activity)

Group discussion

Session 4

Presentation: Creating the Earth and Moon from a Square and a Circle and the Sacred Geometry of the Universe

Drawing: The Starcut diagram Earth Relative to Moon drawing

Contemplative outside time (optional observation activity)

Group Discussion

Session 5

Presentation: You are Sacred Geometry, a Hologram of the Universe.

Drawing: Fusion of Pentagram and Hexagram

Group Discussion and Completion

George Leoniak

George Leoniak

George Leoniak is an accomplished animal tracker whose interest in Sacred Geometry grew out of his close observation of patterns in the natural world that inspired him to seek out a vision of wholeness that unites science, art, and spirituality. George conducts an apprenticeship in wildlife tracking at his school the Mindful Tracker and another online apprenticeship in Sacred Geometry through his website Knew Geometry.