Revisiting Iron John: A Six Part Online Exploration of Mythic Masculinity for Today

With Ian MacKenzie, Stephen Jenkinson, Sophie Strand and Others

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Author : Registrar Rowe
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Check out My Life as a Man, Remembering Robert Bly, and Exploring Masculinity: An Interview with Ian MacKenzie.

Note: This course is open to All Genders.

In 1990, Robert Bly’s book Iron John: A Book About Men ignited a generation of men towards what would become known as the mythopoetic men’s movement. Suddenly, men (at least in Western culture) had a map to their inner landscape and their outer experience. The exploration of a German fairy tale, alongside poetry and ritual, offered a pathway into the realm of soul work – and the book has continued to touched millions of men around the world.

In 2022, the spiral has come around as a new generation discovers Iron John alongside an urgent crisis of masculinity. What might Iron John offer in the era of COVID, the #metoo movement, AI, post-truth, multi-generational trauma, and biospheric breakdown?

Join Ian MacKenzie, host of The Mythic Masculine podcast, for this six part online exploration to discover once again the mythic ground of possibility amidst the peril. Each week, Ian will be joined by a number of Special Guests including Stephen Jenkinson, Stefanos Sifandos, Michael Gay and more.

Check out Ian MacKenzie and Sophie Strand discussing the epilogue of Iron John


SESSION 1: Michael Gay

Pillow and the Key

When One Hair Turns to Gold

SESSION 2: Ramon Parish

Road of Ashes, Descent and Grief

SESSION 3: Stephen Jenkinson

Hunger for the King In the Time of No Father

SESSION 4: Stefanos Sifandos

The Meeting with the God Woman in the Garden

SESSION 5: Shay Au Lait

To Bring the Interior Warriors to Life

Riding the Red, White and Black Horses

SESSION 6: Philip Folsom

The Wound by the King’s Men

Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie

Over the last 15+ years, Ian has used a variety of media (film, writing, photography, podcasting) to amplify seedlings of emergent culture, from the desert of Burning Man to the heart of Occupy Wall St. His work spans the themes of activism, culture, and relationships, and emergence, as facets to understanding the question: how humanity might reach a thriving future? Among his films are Sacred Economics, Amplify Her, and Lost Nation Road. Ian’s recent work includes The Mythic Masculine podcast exploring masculinity and A Gathering of Stories, a live series bringing together renowned storytellers, musicians and poets from around the world, providing new insight and perspectives on the most vital themes of our time. The latest series, The Pandemic is a Prism, aims to offer a mythopoetic bridge between divided worldviews.