WTF!: SKILL SET WINTER 2021 Online Retreat

With: India Adams & Chelsea Rose-Pulitzer




A core goal of the Rowe Center’s Skill Set Retreat has always been to help better prepare young people for life after school, sharing skills, reflections, and suggestions for how best to navigate the world around us. And yet, as we face a global pandemic, widespread climate disasters, continuing racial and social injustices, and so many more crises, many of us are likely feeling woefully unprepared for how to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety of the current moment. And so, for our very first ever completely virtual Skill Set Retreat, we are coming together to ask WTF??? Come online with us to connect and learn (and hopefully think up lots of funny things that WTF could also stand for). We will be talking about all of the things happening around us and to us, how we are processing everything (or not), and how we can take care of ourselves and each other while still working to build a future and a world we believe in. There will be workshops on  topics such as self-care, prison abolition, and quarantine cooking. What would you like to offer?

Please check out our dedicated Skill Set website for more info on past retreats and what’s upcoming.


A Word About Costs:

For the past 7 years, this has been an onsite retreat in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. The need to move this program online allows us to significantly reduce the cost because there is no travel and no accommodation fees. We hope this will allow us to reach a new audience in need of support in this time of turmoil.

Upon registration, you will receive a link to our Gathering Room page on which you will find everything you need to participate in the program.

We have a sliding scale to make it as affordable as possible for as many young adults as possible. The suggested rate is $45 which covers all events from Friday night until Monday morning. If you can do so, please consider making a donation on the checkout page in support of programs like these.

We do not want to turn anyone away because of money. If you need financial assistance to pay at least $45, please fill in this form and we will do our best to accommodate you.

India Adams & Chelsea Rose-Pulitzer

India Adams & Chelsea Rose-Pulitzer

Return for their second year as Skillset Co-Directors and bring a wealth of knowledge with them. India, a graduate of Boston University, works for Oxfam America. She is a long time leader in Rowe's many youth programs and is passionate about human rights, gender justice, and creating social and political change. Chelsea, a graduate of Hampshire College and long time co-director of the Rowe Junior High Camp, is excited to share her lifetime of experience with her home away from home. With everything she takes on, Chelsea promises to be responsible, compassionate, and playful! Check out the Skill Set Webpage for full bios!