Sound Journey to the Ancestral Tree

With Jessica Alejandro

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Author : Rowe Center
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Sound Journey to the Ancestral Tree with Jessica Alejandro: Recorded Session

Healing through Ancient Sounds and Sacred Journeys

Overview: Experience the profound realms of sound and ancestral connections with Jessica Alejandro, now available in this recorded session. Dive into the gentle and deep vibrations of ancient instruments like Tibetan bowls, ocean drums, shaman drums, koshi chimes, and tuning forks. Journey through an altered state of consciousness and connect deeply with the roots of your ancestry.

What to Expect:

  • Guided Journey: Begin your experience by traveling to your sacred place, a realm where the world fades, and your inner self emerges.
  • Meeting the Ancestors: With Jessica’s guidance, approach the magnificent Ancestral Tree, where you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to commune with the ancestors. Seek their wisdom, ask questions, and receive guidance that resonates with your current life’s path.
  • Healing Sound Vibrations: Let the mesmerizing sounds of ancient instruments elevate your connection. These vibrations don’t just enhance your journey; they offer benefits like stress relief, health improvement, mood elevation, consciousness expansion, chakra balancing, and more.

Preparation Guidelines:

  • Dress in comfortable attire for optimal relaxation.
  • Ensure a serene environment, whether you choose to lie down or sit.
  • Approach with an open heart, free of expectations.
  • Engage fully by focusing on your breath, relaxing your mind, and being in the moment.
  • Trust the journey, for it is curated for your well-being and highest good.

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Remember: Every sound, every insight, every moment in this course has been carefully captured for you. Embrace it, and may your sound journey lead to profound revelations and healing.

Jessica Alejandro

Jessica Alejandro

Jessica Alejandro is a seasoned Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, drawing from over 20 years in the social services realm. Educated with a BA in Psychology from Temple University and a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy from Central Connecticut State University, her career journey spans roles as a forensic interviewer, crisis clinician, and family therapist. Jessica has served with renowned institutions like the Department of Children and Families and Beacon Health Options. She transitioned to private practice a decade ago, culminating in her own practice in Middlefield and Glastonbury, CT.

Beyond her conventional therapy credentials, Jessica is also a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, and Crystal Dreaming Practitioner. She specializes in assisting couples through crises, co-parenting challenges, and pre-marital guidance, as well as aiding individuals grappling with grief, trauma, and life’s many transitions. A deeply spiritual and intuitive soul, Jessica embarked on a spiritual journey six years ago, intertwining her therapeutic expertise with her mission to connect others to their higher selves. For Jessica, guiding others to discover their inner light and the transformative power of love is not just a career, but a heartfelt passion and purpose.

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