Unraveling the Mother Knot with Words and Stories: An Online Master Class with Laura Davis


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Author : Registrar Rowe
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Check out Laura’s article, How Can I Write About It If I Wasn’t There? Eight Tips for Writing about Dissociation; and her interview with Karen C.L. Anderson.

The bond between mothers and their children—whether severed, fraught, intact or cherished—is one of the most complex, significant relationships we have in life.

In this four hour online master class, Laura will utilize evocative writing prompts and deep listening to lead you into a deeper understanding of this most primal of relationships. You will learn to use words and story to explore the joys, complexities and challenges of your relationship with your mother—or with your children. Together, we will explore:

· How writing can help us access memories we might not be able to access any other way

· How our relationships with our mothers—and our children—change across the life cycle

· Moments when we are able to suddenly see our mother or our children in a new way

· The ways storytelling can evoke emotion, clarity and insight

· The power of writing in community

Whether you’re a mother, a daughter or a son, this is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your self-understanding by putting it on the page. You do not have to consider yourself a writer to attend.

It’s recommended that you read Laura’s memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story in preparation for this workshop.

Laura Davis

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the author of The Burning Light of Two Stars, the story of her loving yet tumultuous relationship with her mother, and six other non-fiction books, including The Courage to HealAllies in HealingI Thought We‘d Never Speak Again, and Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. Her groundbreaking books have been translated into 11 languages and sold 1.8 million copies. In addition to writing books that inspire and change people’s lives, the work of Laura’s heart is to teach. For more than twenty years, she’s helped people find their voices, tell their stories, and hone their craft. Laura loves creating supportive, intimate writing communities online, in person, and internationally.